Single word?

Short Phrase?

Female Voice? 

Whatever you need, we can do it!

We can also attach voiceovers to any existing piece of music or pre-mixed track. Call or email us today!

Voiceover Pricing

  • Single word, short phrase or team name - $30.00 each
  • Adding voiceover to existing music - $10.00
  • 4-6 voiceovers - $25.00 each
  • 7 or more voiceovers - $20.00 each
  • Raps or long sentences - $50.00 each

From Lyrical to Jazz to hip-hp to contemporary, we can edit a single song for time purposes or edit a few songs together for a medley or more thematic routine. These edits do not include beat-mixing and are not for cheer or pom routines.

If you will be performing your routine at any Varsity event, please let us know so we can inform you of licensing regulations and restrictions.

Single-Song Edit Pricing

  • Single Song (edited for time) - $20.00
  • Multiple Songs (depending on number of songs and routine length - contact us for more details) - $40.00 - $100.00 

Contact us directly anytime or call 801-568-2762
Monday - Friday, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. MST to order voiceovers.